Monday, November 19, 2012

Beer, coffee, and tablets

Last week, the fancy schmancy new Google Nexus 10 tablet was released. Usually I take a wait and see stance on new technology these days, but it received such glowing reviews, and I was in the immediate market for a tablet, so I ordered one. As of today, the online order status still gives an estimated shipping date of November 15th. I spoke with them Friday on the phone, and called them again today. This time I spoke to the quietest support rep I've ever dealt with. I had to crank the volume on my phone to "granny's hearing aid." Plus English was clearly not this mousy chap's first language.

Rep: What is the email address you used for your order, sir?

Me: afterglide at [the rest of it]... a-f-t-e-r-g-l-i-d-e

Rep: I'm sorry, sir, can you spell that more slowly.

Me: a... f... t... e... r... g... l... i... d... e at [the rest of it]

Rep: Ok, let me spell that back: a-f-t-e-r-g-l-o-d-e...

Me: No, g-l-*I*-d-e

Rep: Ok... [typing] I'm sorry, sir. I am having trouble finding your information. Let me make sure I have your email right. a-f-t-e-r-g-l-o--

Me: [interrupting] *I*. No 'o' in it. a-f-t-e-r-g-l-*I*-d-e at...

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