Friday, July 15, 2005

Out of the fire and into the sauna

Just got back Wednesday from visiting my cousin Kellae and her fiance A.J. in CA. It was a blast catching up with her and nice to just relax for a few days. Although I ended up staying the entire trip instead of spending a couple of the days in San Francisco like I originally planned. Hopefully I wasn't too much of a pantload for staying a couple extra days. I was invited to stay longer, but perhaps you were just being polite, Kellae. Kind of like telling a girl at the end of the date "Oh sure, I'll call you." Or telling your neighbors that it wasn't you peeping through their windows at their teenage daughter last night.

Left 100 degree temps in CA to return to Minnesota in the middle of a record breaking streak of 90 temps. Cooler, but the humidity is easily pushing the heat index over 100. I'm one of those guys who sweats in his sleep in a 68 degree room, so me, 95 degrees, and muggy aren't shakin' hands at the company picnic.

Later today I'm heading up to Duluth to do some male bonding with the guys. Kayaking, poker, beer, probably some farting. Should be good times, you little chowder monkeys. Plus it should be a bit cooler up there.

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