Friday, July 11, 2008

A curious hole (in Google Street View)

In the process of looking for an address in the Highland Park area of St Paul, I noticed a curious gap in Google's Street View coverage of that part of St Paul. You'll notice that nearby suburbs like Sunfish Lake don't have much coverage either, but zoom out farther, and all of St Paul is pretty well covered from block to block except Highland Park and other areas near the Ford Plant. I find it rather strange that in one of the two major cities comprising the urban metro area has such a huge gap, particularly in one of the more prominent neighborhoods of St Paul.

Also, I found this totally pimp ride:


Jenni said...

RATS! They found my ghetto pig! Now I'll have to continue dodging the repo man again! CRAP!!

sleeper78 said...

Looks like they made a little detour just to get that picture for you. I'm sure google would appreciate a thank you note.

Jeremy Q. Afterglide said...

I would drive 7-foot tall hookers around town in that fuckin' thing. Thank you note to both Jenni and Google sent.

Bo said...

That would be a Lincoln Continental Mark V, built from '77 through '79. One of my dad's friends had a dark blue one--a Cartier Designer Edition. Its main claim to fame is that it was the last unbelievably godawful huge "traditional" car the Big Three sold. Everything was smaller from '80 on. (And it really is BIG; we're talking about something that was significantly larger than even a Cadillac Fleetwood.)

That dark blue one that I got to ride in a few times was spooky quiet, with a ride so soft it was nausea-inducing if you concentrated too hard on looking out the window (because you could see things "moving" up and down, but you couldn't feel it if you weren't looking intently at something outside the car).

It got a solid, reliable 11 mpg on the interstate.

Jeremy Q. Afterglide said...

I knew I could rely on you for some ID, Bo.

"It got a solid, reliable 11 mpg on the interstate."

Which is why I'm willing to bet if I drove by right this minute, that car would be in the exact same spot.