Monday, July 18, 2005

Guys on MySpace

Note from Jeremy: Prior to January 2, 2006, this blog was hosted at MySpace. This posting is in reference to a profile that evidently no longer exists.

As a penis-laden homosapien (a phrase, to the best of my knowledge, coined by myself in my Carmageddon post earlier tonight), I very much understand the hormonal response brought on by seeing photos of women of varying degrees of cuteness, hotness, and sexiness on this site. But reading the comments guys post to these pictures is fucking hilarious! Yeah, I'm a guy and I dig hot girlz, but for fuck sake guys, have some dignity! Take for example,
this girl's profile
(whether it or "they" are real are both up for debate). Click on her main photo, and click on a few of the individual photos and read through the comments guys have left. Pathetic enough, right? Then start looking at the photos of the guys. Guys trying to hard to look cool, often shirtless or striking a fakey tough guy pose. Ladies, back me up on this. Are these guys dipshits or what? I thought so.

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